Procedure & Committees


AIRMUN will be conducted in THIMUN procedures. Please write resolution(s) before coming to the conference.


General Assembly (GA)

General Assembly committees are participation-mandatory committees for almost all member states and non-member delegations. There are 6 GA committees in UN; each delegation will be represented with only 1 delegate in each GA committee. All participating delegates are strongly urged to write at least one, detailed resolution beforehand.


Security Council (SC)

Security Council is made of 15-member nations, P5 countries and regularly changing 10 other nations, and no non-member states are allowed. Its own procedure will be applied, and each Security Council delegation must be represented with two delegates. Delegates are urged to write resolutions before coming to the conference, but clause-debate will be done.


Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

Economic and Social Council is an organ of the United Nations and is responsible for collaborating in economic and social fields. Each delegation will be represented with two delegates and delegates are urged to write resolutions. Not all members are part of this committee.