The Decade of Crisis

Hoping that the 2020s bring humanity bliss and peace, we left the 2010s behind. Contrarily, the year 2020 brought us some of the most horrific catastrophes that us humans can ever think of.  

The year started with massive wildfires in Australia burning millions of acres of forests. This was continued with a virus that no one was ever heard of. Named COVID-19, the virus locked us down to our homes, changed our lifestyles, and, unfortunately, caused the death of thousands of people. As the world was getting used to a pandemic, racism once aroused, provoking people to protest and clash with their governments. 2020 had already become the year of hell when the colossal explosion in Beirut happened almost destroying the whole city. As we were getting closer to 2021, AIRMUN's city, Izmir, was struck with a 7.0 earthquake that changed the city from its core. As these catastrophes were happening, wars continued and politics did not cease to be corrupt while peace still seemed to utopian for the humankind.

Climate crisis, pandemic crisis, economic crisis, refugee crisis, earthquake crisis, humanitarian crisis, social crisis... 


As the AIRMUN Board, we interpret these as global issues that will stay as the center of discussion in the upcoming years; therefore, we decided that the theme of AIRMUN 2021 should be "The Decade of Crisis"