COVID-19 Statement

First of all, we would like to express our heartfelt condolences to those who have challenged and currently challenging with COVID-19. It is an undeniable fact that COVID-19 is causing tremendous effects on the world including the cancellation of AIRMUN 2020.


We would like to inform all our participants that AIRMUN organization team is following all developments regarding COVID-19 and ready to achieve a fruitful conference in 2021. To have a successful conference, the organization team has been reshaping AIRMUN so that all participants can be safe and healthy while enjoying the conference. 

As of March 2021, the AIRMUN Board decided to held the first session of AIRMUN online and through the Zoom application. Zoom app will be used for everything during the conference including the debates, lobbying and ceremonies.

While using Zoom app, we expect all participants to use respectful spoken and written language, always be constructive and avoid any kind of misbehavior. We would like to remind all participants that the debate sessions and chat will be recorded and are the property of AIRMUN. Failing to abide the rules can cause the suspension of the delegate or the delegation as a whole. More information on online conduct will be provided later to the participants.

We hope AIRMUN 2021 will be a fruitful and successful conference, and on behalf of the AIRMUN Board, we wish to see everyone in AIRMUN 2021.


Ege Yagci

Secretary General of AIRMUN 2021