Discovering Izmir

Home to many ancient cultural sites, poets, and philosophers; Izmir is the westernmost city of Turkey. 


Used to be called Smyrna, Izmir became a part of many nations throughout history including Troja, Ionia, Macedonia, and the Ottoman Empire. Affected by many different cultures, Izmir has many historical and cultural places to visit such as Ephesus, Smyrna Ancient Site, and Agora. 


Interaction of various cultures created a very rich cuisine in Izmir as well. The city is known for its fish products, herb dishes, and bakery products including boyoz, kumru, lokma, deniz börülcesi(sea pipe), and midye(mussel). 


It is also worth mentioning that Izmir is the last city that was liberated during the Independence War thus Izmir is extremely crucial for modern Turkey's history and the Liberation of Izmir is celebrated every year on the 9th of September. To learn more about modern history and Turkey's savior Atatürk, Atatürk Museum can be visited.


One of the biggest bazaars of the Ottoman Empire is also located in Izmir called Kemeraltı, very close to Izmir's symbolic clock tower. It is a common saying in Izmir that you can find anything and everything in Kemeraltı, so an Izmir trip is not complete without visiting Kemeraltı and the clock tower. 


Being a coastal city additionally granted Izmir hundreds of mesmerizing beaches where you can swim to your heart's content in the Aegean Sea. Currently, more than 4 million people reside in the city thus Izmir has some of the biggest malls in Turkey such as Mavi Bahçe and Hill Town, so those that like shopping will definitely like Izmir's malls very entertaining.

With a long history, rich culture, and jaw-opening natural beauties there is something for everyone in Izmir. We hope a fruitful conference and a beautiful visit to Izmir. Please contact us via e-mail if you need more information regarding Izmir.