Schools and individuals are required to make their arrangements for traveling to and inside Izmir. The organization team has taken adequate precautions regarding Covid-19 so please refer to that page for more information.

Visa and Visa Applications

Although, Turkey is visa-free for many countries, there are 21 nations that need a visa and beside them, there are 58 other countries that can enter with a “conditional visa”, so all international participating schools/clubs are strongly urged to check if they are required to have visa. MUN-Directors are responsible for those students who need a Turkish visa and are in charge of sending a letter to the AIRMUN Office ( The letter should state names as written in passport, dates of birth, nationalities, passport numbers, dates of issue/expiration, and the email address of the Turkish Embassy or Consulate where the visa application be done. Information of all students/MUN-Directors, who need a visa, must be sent as one document. Please make sure that required information be handed in on time, since the process may take some time. Upon receiving the necessary information, AIRMUN Office will send a formal invitation letter to the applicants and the Embassy/Consulate. 

As of August 2020, Turkey has opened its borders to most of the countries and has taken necessary precautions regarding Covid-19 but it is still very significant to check if the participants can enter to the country.


Izmir’s airport, Adnan Menderes Airport, is far from the city center, and AIRMUN is not responsible for the transportation, but schools are urged to use Izmir’s train, IZBAN, or use private buses, Havaş, for going to the city center. They can be also used when returning to the airport. Contrast to the airport, Izmir Chamber of Commerce is inside the city center and has a very accessible location. Also, when traveling inside Izmir, ferry, tram, and subway are very comfortable and affordable options as well. For further information and details please contact the AIRMUN office (